Ethical Collecting Policy

The group is committed to ethical fossil collecting practices. The committee members retain the right to refuse membership to or cancel the membership of anybody who has a track record for contravening such practices. Ethical practices include

  1. Recording as much detail of provenance as possible for any specimen of scientific interest
  2. Ensuring that all such specimens are prepared and stored in a responsible way
  3. Alerting local museums in the first instance of finds to support awareness of local heritage.
  4. Donating scientifically important specimens to museums, universities or other institutions where they will be studied and/or displayed.
  5. Collecting only with the permission of the landowner
  6. Keeping a record of significant finds and making these records available to genuine researchers.
  7. Collecting only fossils which would otherwise be lost to quarrying or erosion, or have weathered out naturally.
  8. Not collecting fossils for commercial purposes


We are also looking for opportunities to collaborate with academic institutions and museums so that our field trips can be focussed on particular formations and specimen types.